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Develop with customers

Hongxin's confidence comes from the quality of Hongxin's products.

Hongxin people's awareness of continuous innovation and domestic leading scientific research capabilities have made our products and services more and more favored by domestic and foreign manufacturers. Our customers are all over China’s north and south, inside and outside the Great Wall. Our customers also come from Taiwan Province, North Korea, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, India, Singapore... Nice Paradise, Konka, TCL, Lenovo... Creating value for customers and developing together with customers is the unremitting pursuit of Shenghang!

A good after-sales service

Our company has an excellent after-sales service team, and will provide high-quality after-sales service to every new and old customer.

1. For new customers in the mainland, our company will send professional and technical personnel to the factory to install and adjust their machines for free, and train their technical personnel to be proficient in the machine.Operation, debugging, maintenance and other technologies until it can produce qualified products. Customers can also send staff to our company to learn the above techniques. For old customers, our company will set Periodically send staff to visit, understand the use of the machine, discuss relevant issues with customers, and consult customers for their opinions, so as to continuously improve the machine for better Serving customers. If customers encounter problems during operation, they can call the company at any time during working days, and we will give your company a satisfactory answer.

2. For foreign customers, our company will also provide good after-sales service. If the customer needs, our company can send technicians to the customer to install, debug and train the machine.Train operators. For problems encountered during operation, customers can send emails or faxes to inform our company, and our company will give the other party a satisfactory reply within one working dayIf you give us valuable suggestions, our company will be very grateful.

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