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What are the materials used for paper cup machine paper cup printing?

2022-07-18 15:31:37

Paper Cup MachineWhat are the materials for paper cup printing? Paper cup printing materials:

According to national regulations, disposable paper cups cannot artificially add fluorescent whitening agents. Disposable paper cups are divided into cold drink cups and hot drink cups according to their uses. Once misused or misused, it will affect your health. Polyethylene is the raw material for coating the waterproof layer in disposable paper cups. Inferior paper cups are made of recycled polyethylene, which will produce a large amount of substances harmful to the human body during the processing and production process. The inner side of the paper cup is coated with a polyethylene water barrier film to achieve the water barrier effect.

The surface of the cold drink paper cup should be dipped in wax or waxed to achieve waterproof effect. After the water temperature exceeds 62 degrees, the stability of the wax decreases and the paper cup becomes soft. Potential carcinogens are ingested by the body along with water. The surface of the hot drink cup is affixed with a special polyethylene film recognized by the state, which has good heat resistance and is non-toxic.

In addition, there are also specified standards for the thickness and permeability of disposable paper cups. The bottom and sides of the water glass should not seep water, and the paper should not be too soft.

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