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The main use of paper cup machine

2022-07-18 16:04:49
  1. The biggest role of paper cups is to hold beverages, such as carbonated drinks, coffee, milk, cold drinks, etc. This is its earliest and most basic use.

Drink cups can be divided into cold cups and hot cups. Cold cups are used to hold cold drinks, such as carbonated drinks, iced coffee, etc. Hot cups are used to hold hot beverages such as coffee and black tea.

Distinguish between cold drink cups and hot drink paper cups, they perform their duties differently. Once they are misplaced, they threaten the health of consumers. The surface of the cold drink paper cup is waxed or dipped in wax. Because cold drinks will produce moisture on the surface of the paper cup, which will cause the paper cup to soften, it is waterproof after waxing. This wax is very stable and safe at temperatures of 0-5°C. But as long as the temperature of the beverage exceeds 62°C, if it is used to hold hot beverages, the wax will melt and the paper cup will absorb water and deform. Molten paraffin is high in impurities, especially organic compounds contained in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which may cause cancer. Beverages can harm people's health. The surface of the hot drink paper cup will adhere to the special polyethylene film recognized by the state, which not only has good heat resistance, but also will not be poisoned when soaked in high temperature drinks. Paper cups should be stored in a ventilated, cool, dry and pollution-free place, and the storage period should not exceed two years from the date of production.

2. Paper cup advertisers or manufacturers also use paper cups as an advertising medium.

Designing patterns on the cups can give people different drinking moods and is also a symbol of promoting certain products. Because of the product's trademark, name, manufacturer, distributor, etc. Can be designed on the surface of the paper cup. When people drink, they can become familiar with this information and understand the product. Paper cups provide a platform for people to learn about these new products.

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