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What are the advantages of high-speed paper bowl machine?

2022-07-18 16:03:52

High SpeedPaper bowl machine What are the advantages?

In short, a paper bowl machine is a mechanical device used to make paper bowls. It can not only produce disposable paper bowls, but also plastic paper bowls, such as instant noodle paper bowls, plastic bowls, milk tea cups, etc. The process of the paper bowl machine is simple and easy to operate and has high efficiency. Although paper bowl machines deal with convenience in shopping malls, many people question the safety of paper bowls.

The safety of food packaging has always been a concern of consumers, and consumers are ashamed of the online exposure that the inner wall of paper bowl packaging is rich in fluorescence. So our company is here to tell you, don't worry, our products are worthy of your trust.

paper bowl machine

The high-speed paper bowl machine is a device that independently completes paper bowls at one time on the basis of the original double-disc paper bowl machine. The high-speed paper bowl machine then optimizes the transmission layout, reasonably distributes the independent motion of each functional component, reduces the wear and tear of the machine's large inertial motion, selects photoelectric fault monitoring, and then improves the equipment function to achieve fast and stable operation. After the problem is actively stopped, the labor intensity of workers is reduced to the greatest extent, and the safety and stability of the equipment are improved. After simplifying the automatic counting of cup making process, paper feeding, bonding, bottom feeding, cup loading, heating, bottom rolling, knurling, rolling mouth, and cup unloading, it is most suitable for forming 60-110 high paper cups.

Advantages of high-speed paper bowl machine:

1. Plan to choose a heater. The bottom of the cup is first sent to the mold body for heating, and then sent to the bottom of the cup to improve the heating effect and ensure the quality of the knurling.

2. The planning and selection of the open-type barrel cam indexing positioning has a large inertia against the rotation of the turntable.

3. Optical eye tracking problem shutdown monitoring system.


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