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How to maintain the paper cup machine in daily life failure?

2022-07-18 14:46:08

How to maintain Paper cup machine failure in daily life?

Paper cups and paper bowls require three processes from raw materials (paper) to products (formed paper cups and paper bowls): printing, die-cutting, and forming, while only two processes are required from the carton: die-cutting and forming.

At the time, most investors started out with both printing and die-cutting, except for larger manufacturers who planned to do all the processes independently. On the one hand, investment can be reduced; on the other hand, printing technology has strong professionalism.

Paper cup machine, Paper bowl machineWhat should I do if there is a problem ? For the maintenance and repair of paper cup machine and paper bowl machine, good professional assembly skills are not required, but a little active mind is required, and it is necessary to understand cam arrangements, chain drive arrangements, and some basic principles of indexing boxes, excellent lubrication and closing It is a necessary condition for the machine to work normally, and the heater temperature control will cause bursting or leakage of the bottom of the cup if the temperature is too high or too low for the cup to form (adhesion). But for the domestic paper cup machine, the only part that likes the problem is the knurling mill. This part is the key. The pressure cannot be increased too much. For the ultrasonic welding machine, the frequency of the ultrasonic wave must be adjusted, and the pressure cannot be too large. Please insist on the pressure. balance.

In short, no matter what kind of paper cup machine, please pay attention to the time cooperation of each part, the stability of each rotary table and channel. Therefore, when there is a problem with the paper cup machine or paper bowl machine, the first thing to check is the above part.


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