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The application of paper bowl machine in the industry.

2022-07-18 16:15:33

Paper bowl machine application in the industry.

The paper bowl machine is a general-purpose equipment specially used for making disposable paper bowls. There are paper bowl machines specializing in the manufacture of disposable paper bowls and cup making machines for disposable plastic bowls. The selection of specific paper bowl manufacturing equipment can be determined according to the manufacturing process.

Paper bowl machines have only appeared in recent years, especially some banquets are the most widely used, corresponding to some soup machines, Paper cup machine and other related equipment, these equipments work on the same principle, using paper products as materials, and some things using plastic as raw materials. The paper bowls made by the paper bowl machine have very high requirements, and the paper bowl manufacturing materials are required to be absolutely hygienic and safe, moisture-proof, moisture-proof, heat preservation, and heat preservation. The paper bowl machine needs to be replaced with different shapes of molds.

Some paper bowls, paper cups, plastic cups and other products purchased in the market are made with paper bowl machines. Due to the wide population and large market, the competition in the paper bowl machine manufacturing industry is extremely fierce. We need to make sure the product is hygienic when buying paper bowls!

The paper bowl machine is only used to produce single (double) PE film disposable paper bowls.

The paper bowl produced by the paper bowl machine can be used to heat drinking paper cups and coated with plastic, which is resistant to over 90 ℃, and can even bloom with water.

The paper bowl is safe, hygienic, light and convenient. It can be used in public places, restaurants, and restaurants, and is a one-time item.

Since the advent of paper bowls, it has quickly become the most vibrant green tableware of the 21st century. Disposable paper bowls are used by McDonald's, KFC, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and various international famous fast food chains.


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