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Paper cup machine production raw materials and selection method

2022-07-18 16:18:57

The production and application of paper cup machines in paper cups are in line with the national environmental protection policy. The use of paper cups to replace disposable plastic cups reduces "white pollution". Paper cups are used to handle cold drink cups and hot drink cups. In addition to meeting the needs of their packaging and processing functions, the materials of paper cups must also meet their printing habits. In many elements of printing technology, the conditions for heat sealing of paper cups must also be met.

      The paper cup materials produced by the paper cup machine are composed of direct printing, die cutting, molding processing, and surface spraying of food wax. The production process of the hot drink cup is that the base paper of the paper cup is coated into paper cup paper, printed, die-cut, and processed. The base paper of paper cups is composed of plant fibers. The production process is generally to use coniferous wood, hardwood and other plant fibers after pulping. The paper cup of the paper cup machine is composed of paper cup base paper and plastic resin particles. The plastic resin generally uses polyethylene resin (PE). The paper cup base paper is coated with single-sided PE film or double-sided PE film to become single PE cup paper or double PE paper cups.

      PE has its own non-toxic, odorless, tasteless; hygienic function is reliable; chemical function is stable; physical and mechanical properties are balanced, good cold resistance; water resistance, moisture resistance and certain oxygen and oil resistance; excellent It has the advantages of excellent molding performance and good heat sealing performance. PE has a large output, a convenient source and a low price, but it is not suitable for high-temperature cooking. If the paper cup has special functional requirements, a plastic resin with corresponding functions should be used when laminating.

      paper cup machine How to choose paper cups

      1. Look: When choosing disposable paper cups, don’t just look at the color of the paper cups, don’t think that the whiter the color, the more hygienic. Some paper cup manufacturers have participated in a lot of efforts to make the cups look whiter. Fluorescent whitening agent. Once these harmful substances enter the human body, they will become potential carcinogens. Experts suggest that when people choose paper cups, they should take a picture under the light. If the paper cup appears blue under the fluorescent light, it means that the fluorescent agent is overrun, and customers should use it with caution.

      In addition, it is necessary to choose a paper cup with a solid and stiff wall. The paper cup with a low hardness of the cup body is very soft to pinch. After pouring water or beverages, it will be seriously deformed when it is lifted, or even unable to be lifted, which affects the use. Experts point out that generally high-quality paper cups can hold water for 72 hours without leakage, while poor quality paper cups will seep water for half an hour.

      3. Smell: the color of the cup wall is fancy, pay attention to ink poisoning. Quality supervision experts pointed out that most of the paper cups are stacked together. If they are damp or contaminated, it will definitely cause mold, so damp paper cups must not be used. In addition, some paper cups will be printed with colorful patterns and words. When the paper cups are stacked together, the ink on the outside of the paper cups must affect the inner layer of the paper cups wrapped on the outside. The ink contains benzene and toluene, which are harmful to health. Buy paper cups with no ink on the outer layer or with less printing.

      4. Use: Differential cold cups and hot cups, they "have their own roles". Experts finally pointed out that the disposable paper cups we usually use can generally be divided into two types: cold drink cups and hot drink cups.


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