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What is the difference between paper cup machines that contain hot melt glue or not?

2022-07-18 15:03:53

Carton machineIn the packaging machinery industry, the main products of the forming machine series are: carton forming machine and carton forming Among them, carton forming machine carton forming machine is an indispensable equipment when making carton. At present, there are mainly two kinds of carton forming machine with hot melt glue machine and carton forming machine without hot melt glue machine on the market. So what are the characteristics of these two carton machines?

carton machine

The carton forming machine with hot melt glue machine has the following characteristics:

(1) The automatic feeder conveying part of the tissue paper.

(2) Hot melt adhesive automatic circulation, stirring and gluing system.

(3) The hot-melt adhesive tape is automatically conveyed and slitted, and the four corners of the inner box of the cardboard can be pasted at one time.

(4) There is a vacuum suction fan under the conveyor belt to control the relative offset of the glued paper.

(5) The glued surface paper and the inner cardboard box adopt a hydraulic and pneumatic rectifying device, which can accurately locate and fit, and the fit error is ±0.5mm.

(6) The carton forming part automatically collects the carton to the forming part according to the conveying condition of the carton above the conveyor belt.

The carton forming machine without hot-melt glue machine also adopts PLC programmable controller, photoelectric tracking system, touch screen man-machine interface, and implements paper feeding, gluing, cardboard forming, four corners, positioning and fitting, automatic introduction, box feeding, packaging, etc. Edges, folded ears and folded forming actions are completed at one time. It has simple structure, convenient operation and high speed, and is suitable for the use of large, medium and small packaging enterprises.

Hot melt glue machine carton forming machine has the following characteristics:

(1) Mechanical automatic lifting, leveling by four-side brushes, and automatic discharge.

(2) The suction device makes the carton firmly suck on the mold.

(3) Safe and convenient operation, double-layer insurance protection, automatic transmission, jog/automatic operation.

(4) Frequency conversion speed regulation, the speed can be controlled according to the operator's proficiency.


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