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What are the reasons for speeding up the production of paper cup machine

2022-07-18 14:39:59

       In China, more than 18 billion paper cups are consumed every year, and there are various paper packaging containers, and the consumption is countless. On the one hand, it brings about the problem of supply capacity. Is there a supply of newer and stronger production equipment for such a huge consumption? On the other hand, paper cups made of old materials cannot be degraded and recycled, which brings pollution problems. Since the outbreak, many industries have been hit. Manufacturing, catering and other industrial first battles have been greatly affected.

      Many catering stores are inciting take-out packaging, which has brought the already small take-out industry to a higher level, and exported a small consumer demand for take-out catering packaging, including paper cups, paper bowls and other paper packaging containers. The new discovery relies on the vigorous research and development investment in green sustainable paper packaging, and adopts the industry's advanced technology to produce hot and cold drink paper cups, coffee cups, ice cream cups and double-sided PE coated paper cups.

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      So what kind of "mysterious power" is this discord to help produce, first of all its reliability: HXKS-150 intelligent fast paper cup machine has the advantages of high performance, high efficiency and high quality; The steel plate body and the oil-draining lubrication system ensure the normal and stable operation of the equipment for a long time.

      The second is its high efficiency and energy saving: the advanced high-precision cam drive distribution gear transmission makes the forming of each station accurate; the servo tracking bottom feeding paper determines the size of the cup bottom paper, which effectively saves raw materials.


       HXKS-150 Intelligent fast paper cup machine The production line supporting equipment can automatically complete the detection and judgment of defects such as stains and blemishes on the inside and outside of the paper cups. Relying on such an integrated professional process, it can also provide customized products for customers. After meeting the individual needs, high-quality paper packaging containers can be produced in batches, so that you can save your worries.


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