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Paper cup machine printing materials and cam arrangement of the operating process

2022-07-18 15:09:49

       Paper cups were originally printed on offset presses. Because offset printing inks are not environmentally friendly, the paper cups are polluted and smelly, so flexographic printing presses are now generally used for printing, and flexo printing is environmentally friendly. Water-based ink, the printed things are environmentally friendly.

       paper cup machine">Paper cup machine is a kind of equipment for producing paper cup products. The production and production of paper cups is a cyclic process, and more output is produced by repeating the same action continuously. paper cup products.

       And paper cup machine

This continuous repetition of /a> is ended by a cam arrangement in the paper cup machine. The cam in the cam arrangement of the paper cup machine performs a rotary motion, which pushes the follower of the paper cup machine to reciprocate according to certain requirements.

What needs to be paid attention to in this process is that in order to make the follower of the paper cup machine and the action point of the cam have a relatively close contact, generally speaking, they are the touch of points or lines, which need to be applied by springs or external gravity. Finish.

       The cam group of the paper cup machine can make the follower of the paper cup machine achieve a more complex motion law, and then end the cycle of cardboard production to meet the demand for more cardboard products. The cam arrangement has simple and compact features in structure and design, which can meet various complex and complex motion requirements, which makes it not only can be used in paper cup machines, but also plays an important role in other equipment. .


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