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How to solve the failure problem in the daily operation of paper cup machine?

2022-07-18 15:12:26

  Paper cup machine is a paper container made of chemical wood pulp (white cardboard) in the shape of a cup , can be used for frozen meals and hot drinks. It has the characteristics of safety, hygiene, lightness and convenience, and is an ideal equipment for public places, hotels and restaurants. Paper cups and paper bowls need to go through three processes from raw materials (paper) to products (formed paper cups and paper bowls): printing, mold cutting, and forming. Only two processes are required from the carton: mold cutting and forming.

paper cup machine

  At that time, most investors ended the printing and die cutting processes at the beginning, except for the larger manufacturers who planned to complete all the processes independently. One is to reduce investment; the other is to have strong professionalism in printing technology.

  If paper cup machine and Paper bowl machine What should I do if there is a problem? For the maintenance and repair of paper cup and paper bowl machines, good professional fitter skills are not required, but a little active mind is required to understand some basic principles of cam arrangements, chain drive arrangements and indexing boxes.

  Excellent lubrication and confinement of each part is a necessary condition for the normal operation of the machine, and the effect of temperature control of each heater on the cup after molding (bonding). If the temperature is too high or too low, a burst or bottom leak will form. However, for the domestic paper cup machine, the initial favorite problem is the knurling mill. This part is the key point, the pressure cannot be added too much. For the ultrasonic welding machine, the ultrasonic frequency must be adjusted, the pressure should not be too high, please try your best to keep the pressure balanced.

  In short, no matter what kind of paper cup machine, please pay attention to the time cooperation of each part and the stability of each rotary table and channel. Therefore, when there is a problem with the paper cup machine or paper bowl machine, the first It is the above components that are checked.


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