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The requirements of paper cup machine printing ink description

2022-07-18 14:37:55

Paper cup machineWhat are the printing ink requirements?

paper cup machine printing ink requires good printing fastness and good acid resistance , alkali resistance, water resistance, temperature resistance, light resistance, and will not fade, discolor, fall off due to these factors; in addition, the printed matter should have good scratches and gloss, semi-matte and extinction.

paper cup machine

Paper cup machineInk printing should pay attention to the following points:

Ink composition: The ink composition must comply with the Food Sanitation Law and the corresponding food packaging hygiene standards.

Residual solvent: control the amount of residual solvent less to prevent the odor of the printed matter. When the solvent adheres to the substrate or base film at the seal, it can cause poor heat seals, poor seal adhesion, or crimp bursts from poor adhesion.

Drying temperature: The drying temperature of ink should not be too high. When the temperature is too high, the surface of the base film will be over-oxidized, resulting in poor thermal sealing. However, it is also necessary to prevent the printing ink from drying poorly and avoid odor.

Selection of ink and ink solvent: The selected ink solvent should not make the PE film swell or the solvent contains water as much as possible to prevent printing curling; try to choose an ink containing a plasticized free carrier to prevent the ink film and PE film from producing different shrinkage due to temperature changes rate, resulting in print curl. The curled printed matter will warp after being die-cut into fan-shaped pieces, which brings difficulties to the conveying and curling of the paper cup machine cup.

Ambient temperature and humidity: If the humidity in the workshop is too high, printing curl will be formed. If the temperature of the printing roll film is too high, the upper and lower films will stick together, which will also affect the subsequent Paper cup machine processing.


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