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Paper cup machine material selection should strictly comply with food safety rules

2022-07-18 15:49:02

Paper cup machine is a kind of disposable cup making machine specially used for producing paper cup products. It is a paper container machined and glued from base paper (white cardboard) made of chemical wood pulp. The appearance is cup-shaped and can be used for frozen food and hot drinks. It is safe, hygienic, light and convenient. It can produce single and double-sided PE coated paper cups, and control the size and weight of paper cups.

Therefore, paper cups are containers for liquids, which can generally be drunk directly. In recent years, people's food safety problem has been increasing day by day. Therefore, we can learn from here that the paper cups produced by the paper cup machine must follow food safety rules.

paper cup machine

Therefore, paper cup machine also needs to consider the performance of the materials used when choosing cup making materials. meet food needs.

Here, there are three main criteria for the selection of paper cup machines, which will be introduced one by one below.

First of all, the paper cup machine cup material is edible grade, so its paper material is best to choose base paper instead of secondary processed paper material;

Secondly, we should choose fluorescent paper materials, which may not contain paper materials that may meet the corresponding industry standards, nor can we choose paper materials with excessive fluorescent material content because of low prices. This overspending substance is very harmful to the human body.

Finally, the paper cups produced by the paper cup machine are filled with liquid. Therefore, the paper material must have certain water resistance and pressure resistance, so that the paper cup machine is not easy to damage and leak when making cups.

Generally speaking, the paper cups will be processed by the PE coating of the paper cup machine during the production process, and a layer of inner film is added to the inner layer of the paper cups, which is resistant to high temperature and water.

If the paper cup machine chooses wax-treated paper cups, it is necessary to specify the outer packaging, indicating that the paper cups are suitable for low-temperature liquids, but not for high-temperature liquids.

The above requirements are the basic requirements for the material selection of paper cups. If the paper cups produced by the paper cup machine have a special purpose and the demand for paper cups is particularly high, then paper cup machineThe requirements for the selection of cup making materials will become more and more strict.


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