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For paper cup machine and paper bowl machine use cam splitter model what are the options?

2022-07-18 14:58:18

For Paper Cup Machine and What are the options for the cam divider model used in the paper bowl machine?

To be honest, there are many varieties of cam splitters. The models of cam dividers used in labeling machines, assembly machines, paper cup machines and filling machines are: DS spindle cam divider, PU parallel cam divider, DF flange flange cam divider, DFH hollow flange cam divider , DT platform desktop cam divider, DA ultra-thin platform desktop cam divider, BT cylindrical cam divider, etc.

It seems that there are many models to choose from, but it is relatively confusing. In fact, each mechanical device will fully consider many issues in the design, such as the output and installation method of the mechanical device and the cam divider? Is it connected by a shaft? If using a spindle cam divider. If the output torque of the mechanical equipment is large and the mechanical equipment space is relatively small, you can choose the DA ultra-thin platform desktop divider. Do you understand from the above introduction? If you don't understand, individual special models can be made according to some specified requirements of customers. For example, the divider used in the food industry has many requirements for its sealing, cleanliness, and appearance, especially cleanliness, high precision, and maintenance-free. It cannot cause oil leakage. After all, it is the food industry and there can be no dirt.


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