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The structural characteristics of high-speed paper bowl machine.

2022-07-18 14:37:18

High SpeedPaper bowl machineStructural features.

The automatic paper bowl machine has the functions of automatic paper feeding, secondary preheating, sealing, oil filling, bottom flushing, secondary bottom heating, knurling, crimping, rolling water line, bowl unloading, photoelectric detection, fault alarm, counting, etc. A paper container made of base paper and white cardboard in the shape of a cup for frozen food and hot drinks.

Features of high speed paper bowl machine:

1. The transmission structure of the high-speed paper bowl machine is excellent;

2. The upgraded high-speed paper bowl machine reduces the wear and tear of the machine's large inertial motion;

3. Simplifies the cup making process of the high-speed paper bowl machine.

4. The high-speed paper bowl machine is reasonably distributed among various parts, so that each functional component moves independently;

5. Adopt photoelectric fault monitoring in the whole process to improve equipment performance and achieve fast and stable operation.


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