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Safety in the production process of paper bowl machine

2022-07-18 15:13:46

Focus on paper cup machinePaper Plate Machine, Carton Machine ,Through Flower Paper Machine,Paper Bowl Machine. Paper bowls are common containers in our lives. Because it comes into contact with our food, its safety is a big concern for every consumer.

So how does the paper bowl machine ensure the safety of paper bowls during the production process? In fact, if we look closely, we will find that the inner surface of the paper bowls that we often use has a reflective film.

This material is a polyethylene water-repellent membrane, and every paper bowl machine must ensure the existence of this membrane during the production process. However, according to different materials and different processes, the film produced by many inferior paper bowl machines is easily oxidized into compounds harmful to human body under the action of air.

Therefore, in the paper bowl machine industry, this film-adding process is generally called the soul process in the paper bowl machine production process.

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