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The characteristics of paper bowl machine and the application

2022-07-18 15:24:00

       Full ActivePaper Bowl Maker    Paper bowl machine has automatic paper feeding, secondary preheating, sealing, oil filling, bottom punching, secondary bottom heating, knurling, hemming, rolling water line, Unloading bowl and photoelectric detection, defect alarm, counting functions. A kind of paper container made by mechanical processing and bonding with base paper white cardboard, the appearance is cup-shaped, and can be used for frozen food and hot drinks.

       High Speed Paper Bowl Machine Features:

      1. The excellent transmission structure of the high-speed paper bowl machine, the upgraded version of the high-speed paper bowl machine reduces the wear and tear of the machine's large inertial motion;

      2. Simplifies the cup-making process of the high-speed paper bowl machine. The high-speed paper bowl machine makes a reasonable distribution of each part, so that each function assembly moves independently.

      3. Optoelectronics is used to monitor the whole process of defects, and then the equipment functions are advanced to achieve fast and stable work.

      Several preservation methods and precautions for the paper cups produced by the paper bowl machine:

      With the enhancement of our awareness of environmental protection and the sustainable development of the times, paper tableware has gradually replaced plastic tableware. local. Reasonable use can increase the power and life of the paper bowl machine.

      1. The paper cup products produced by the paper bowl machine should be packed and boxed, and should not be piled on the outside. If they are exposed for a long time, the appearance of the product will turn yellow, and the product quality will be deteriorated if it is easily damp. Packed paper cups should be grouped into bags, and the mouth of the bag should be fastened. There should be no gaps to allow air to enter and damage the paper cups.


       3. The quality period of the paper cups for general products is one to two years under the condition of excellent packaging, and they should be used as soon as possible to prevent the quality from declining.

        Paper Bowl MakerEquipment suction box, suction box is a unique operation process of the paper bowl machine, it is the process of sucking open the paper bowls in the hopper with the vacuum suction cup of the machine itself. In this process, the air source must be satisfied. If the air source is not satisfied, the box will be dropped. The bottom folding operation is that the machine folds the four sides of the lower bottom of the paper bowl with the unique folding bottom arrangement of the paper bowl machine. Become a more square paper bowl, ready for the next step of adhesive tape work. Sticky tape, this operation of the paper bowl machine is actually ended by the movement of half of the paper bowl machine, that is to say, the back end of the paper bowl machine is actually half of the paper bowl machine. The opened paper bowl is driven by the belt. It is transported and the bottom of the paper bowl is glued with tape. Through the above three processes, one operation cycle of the paper bowl machine has been completed. Although it is very simple to describe the process, in fact, each operation cycle must be completed by the close cooperation of all parts of the machine in order to end smoothly. The automatic paper bowl machine works better with the assembly line, and can improve the working power.


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