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Cold knowledge introduction of paper cup machine

2022-07-18 15:01:39

        Paper bowl machine">Paper bowl machine is one of the most widely used on the market now, because paper material is more environmentally friendly than plastic, Therefore, today, as we pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the market for paper bowls is also gradually expanding, so the paper bowl machine is an efficient and concise machine that is deeply liked by the masses. Let's introduce some cold knowledge of the paper bowl machine. .

     In short, a paper bowl machine is a mechanical device used to make paper bowls. It can not only produce disposable paper bowls, but also plastic paper bowls, such as instant noodle paper bowls, plastic bowls, milk tea cups and so on. The process flow of the paper bowl machine is simple and easy to operate, and the efficiency is high. Although the paper bowl machine has solved the problem of convenience for shopping malls, many people have doubts about the safety of paper bowls. The paper bowl machine melts and covers the inside and outside of the cylinder, and then cuts off all power. If necessary, the exterior of the machine can be re-sprayed with paint, covered with plastic paper after monotony, and stored in a monotonous place. Disassemble and wash all the rolling bearings, and add new grease, which can be calcium-sodium-based grease. Check whether the stove leaks smoke. If there is smoke leakage, check the drum smoke baffle, stove and chimney, etc. If any damage is found, it should be corrected and replaced in time. The electric heating model should check whether the electric heating tube is damaged, and the damaged ones should be replaced. Eradicate all the dirt on the contact surface, especially clean the chain and sprocket, and refill the lubricating oil. We know that the paper bowl machine is mainly used for the sealing and packaging of paper bowls. It can be used alone or in combination with assembly line equipment. It can be used in a single box, and can also be used with other paper bowl machines, labeling machines, packing machines, stackers, etc. Packaging equipment such as board stackers and conveyors are used as packaging line equipment and are one of the necessary equipment for packaging line operations.

       The cam structure of the paper bowl machine can make the follower of the paper bowl machine achieve a more complex motion rule, thus completing the cycle effect of cardboard production and meeting the demand for producing more cardboard products . The cam mechanism has simple and compact features in structure and design, and can meet various complex motion requirements, which makes it not only suitable for use in paper bowl machines, but also plays an important role in other equipment. The paper bowl machine, especially the paper bowl machine, if there is still abnormal noise after refueling, it means that the composition is not concentric. Generally, the lubrication should be used for at least a week. The parts of the paper bowl machine are loose, which is also a good comparison. When the machine is stopped, the user can check the parts of the paper bowl machine by hand to see if there is any looseness. If there is, it can be cleaned in time.

       Apply nowPaper bowl machine There are more and more companies, but not much is known about the tumbling screw drive of the paper bowl machine. What is its principle? Working principle: The tumbling screw drive can be divided into two categories: ball and roller according to the shape of the tumbling body. Ball screws with balls as rolling elements are widely used. Ball screw nut drive is a screw drive that puts an appropriate amount of balls between the screw and the nut, so that there is a sliding resistance between the screw and the nut into a rolling resistance. It consists of 4 parts: lead screw, nut, balls and ball circulation equipment 4. When the lead screw and nut are moving, the balls will roll along the raceway surface. All the processing and forming parts of the paper bowl machine have been moved to the work surface. At present, the paper bowl machine in the shopping mall is exposed to the outside except for the molding of the cup wallpaper, and the rest is fully wrapped in the machine.


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