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What should I do if there is a problem with the welding ultrasonic of paper cup machine?

2022-07-18 14:41:24

Ultrasonic inspection, paper cup machine maintenance method.

Check the fault of the electric device according to the existence and size of sparks. For example, when a spark is found between the normally tightened wire and the screw, it means that the wire end is loose or has poor contact. The electrical contact is closed, and the flashover when the circuit is disconnected means that the circuit is connected, and no flashover means that the circuit is not connected. Action procedure: The action procedure of the electrical appliance shall comply with the requirements of the electrical instructions and drawings. If an electrical appliance on a circuit operates too early, too late, or does not operate, it indicates that the circuit or electrical appliance is faulty.

In addition, the fault can also be judged according to the analysis of the sound, temperature, pressure, odor, etc. emitted by the electrical appliance. Using an intuitive method not only identifies simple faults, but also narrows complex faults down to a smaller scale.

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