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How does the paper cup machine make formed paper cups?

2022-07-18 15:40:25

Paper cups are paper containers machined from base paper made of chemical wood pulp. They are cup-shaped and can be used for frozen food and hot drinks. paper cup machine is to automatically process fan-shaped paper into paper cups It has the characteristics of safety, health, lightness and convenience. It is an ideal equipment for hotels, restaurants, restaurants, milk tea shops and cold drink shops.

The forming process of the paper cup machine is not complicated. The paper cup is mainly composed of the cup wall and the cup bottom. Therefore, the forming process of the paper cup machine is to process the bottom of the cup and the wall of the cup separately, and then firmly combine them.

The paper cup material processed by the paper cup machine is mainly coated paper, the wall of the cup can be printed with exquisite patterns in advance, and then processed into a fan shape, and the bottom of the cup can be rolled paper. The forming process of the paper cup machine is as follows:

First of all, the paper cup machine should automatically process the printed fan-shaped paper into a paper cup tube, and then bond the paper cup wall by thermoforming, and the bottom of the paper cup is made of roll paper. At this time, the paper cup machine will automatically feed the paper and cut it.

Then, the paper cup machine seals the bottom of the cup with the wall of the cup, and then hot air blows to bond. Then there is the knurling step of the paper cup machine, that is, when sticking to the bottom of the paper cup, rolling a layer of marks through mechanical movement. Finally, the crimping step of the paper cup machine is to form the crimping of the mouth of the paper cup.

The work content of the paper cup machine starts from automatic paper feeding, and then produces finished paper cups through continuous processes such as bottom punching, sealing, heating, bottom turning, knurling, hemming, and cup unloading.

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