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What are the benefits of using paper cup machine

2022-07-18 15:29:05

Advantages of paper cups:

1. Lightweight.. easy to handle;

2. Low cost and low price;

3. The paper cups used can be recycled to save resources;

Second, the disadvantages of paper cups:

1. The stiffness of the cup body that does not meet the standard is not enough, and it is easy to burn after heating.

2. Unqualified paper cups have residues of fluorescent substances, which are harmful to human health. The fluorescent substances are not easy to decompose and eliminate. The accumulation in the body affects the normal growth and development of cells. Overexposure and toxic build-up create a potential carcinogenic risk.

3. Unqualified ink on the cup body is easy to decolorize and enter the human body when drinking water.

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