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Introduction to the forming process of paper cup machine

2022-07-18 14:40:42

It takes only a moment to take shape! Let me introduce the forming process of paper cups.

First of all, the paper for making paper containers must be food grade paper, most of which are imported from Europe and the United States, and are the best grade of paper. Then, the oil and water resistant material must be applied to the paper by a film coating procedure before the continuous forming step.

The film is to attach a very thin layer of plastic material to the paper to make the paper cup resistant to oil, water, long-term beverages and soup foods. The choice of this film material is also related to the characteristics of the subsequent paper cups. This is a step towards making the paper cups sturdy and beautiful.

After the coating process, the desired pattern and color are printed on the paper roll. Printing methods can be divided into gravure, convex plate and flat plate. The cost of gravure is too high, and it is rarely used now; letterpress printing is continuously printed on paper rolls, and the printing volume is large. Lithography, in which paper is cut into pieces and then printed, is suitable for making small quantities of products. After the ink is completed, a layer of water gloss treatment is printed as protection.

Some operators use the method of in-ink printing, first printing and then coating, and wrapping the ink in the coating. This production method has a higher loss rate and therefore higher costs. But regardless of the printing method, container printing materials that come into contact with food must be food-grade to ensure food safety.

The printed paper enters the die, and the fan-shaped paper is produced, that is, the unfolded shape of the wall of the paper cup. The fan-shaped paper is collected and sent to the forming machine, where the paper is immediately rolled into the shape of a cup. At the same time, the mold provides heat at the seam of the paper, so that the PE is thermally destroyed and bonded to each other, and the bottom of the paper cup is bonded immediately. Then the mold pushes the mouth of the cup, so that the paper at the mouth of the cup is rolled up, heat-fixed, and the rim of the cup is formed. These molding steps can be completed within a second.

Send the finished paper cup into the inspection machine to confirm whether the shape is intact and the inner surface is clean and free of stains. The paper cups that have been inspected will enter the packaging process and wait for shipment.

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