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What is the production process about paper cup machine

2022-07-18 14:52:39

Paper cup machineProcessing process:

1. Prepare materials.

PE lamination inspection: The purchase of lamination paper meets the requirements of GB9687-1988 for polyethylene molded products for food packaging; the color is normal, flat, without obvious wrinkles, and no smelled dirt.

The printing pattern can be designed according to customer requirements, and the obtained film will be sent to the printing plate.

After printing. Cut for press shop. Separate the corner blanks from the corner blanks. According to the specified quantity, neatly stack the separated fan-shaped cup blanks respectively.

2. Turn on the main power supply of the cup making equipment, the heating power supply and the host power supply, heat for 30 minutes, and then turn on the dehumidifier and the host motor;

3. Put the cut cup body paper neatly into the jig. According to the temperature and humidity of the workshop, wait for the paper after pouring; installation and debugging of the bottom paper: it is required that the tightness is moderate, and the left and right are in place.

4. Turn on the air compressor to supply air to the device. Set the primer temperature at 230℃~300℃, the speed is 40-50 times/min, and the ultrasonic wave time of the cup wall is 2~3 seconds.

5. Turn on the main engine switch for a few seconds, and after the supply of backing paper is normal, put down the cup wallpaper clip, and the suction cup starts to send the cup wall into the ultrasonic welding.

6. Observe whether the mechanical movement of the bottom paper conveying, knurling, cup rolling, finished product blanking and other processes is smooth;

7. Check the adhesion of the bottom of the cup, whether there is leakage, leakage and other undesirable phenomena;

8. Collect and sort out the finished product after unloading;

9. Check whether the final product is defective and qualified;

10. Disinfect qualified items;

11. The finished product is packaged and put into storage.

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