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Environmentally friendly paper cup machine and the characteristics of paper bowl machine

2022-07-18 14:36:14

Focus on paper cup machinePaper Plate Machine, Carton Machine ,Through Flower Paper Machine,Paper Bowl Machine. Eco-friendly paper cup machine and Features of paper bowl machine:

1. Imported main materials, bearings, and torque are wear-resistant, suitable for long-term high-speed operation.

2. Imported motor frequency regulator and electrical control components, computer program control frequency converter, stepless speed regulation. And specially designed photoelectric detection and fault alarm function. The electrical performance is stable and the service life is long, which is especially suitable for the situation of unstable voltage in our country.

3. The key components such as gearbox, transmission shaft, clutch mold, control system are trouble-free and maintenance-free.

Fourth, the use of high-quality stainless steel countertop shell and contact parts, clean and hygienic, antibacterial, anti-shock, anti-pollution, wear-resistant, anti-aging.

Hongxin is a professionally made paper container series The factory of automatic machinery and equipment has strong technical force and large-scale production capacity. It has a professional technical team composed of senior and intermediate mechanical, environmental protection, electronics, product development and other engineers, mechanical designers and technicians, and a high-quality production service team. Introduced international advanced CNC production equipment and production technology in batches, with rich manufacturing experience, the main products are: paper cup machine, paper bowl machine, paper plate machine, carton machine, pass-through paper machine, cake paper cup machine, KFC vat machine and other paper container equipment. It has reached the leading level of domestic similar products and enjoys a high reputation among the peers.


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