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About paper bowl machine lamination technology

2022-07-18 14:50:09

The coating technology of paper bowl machine can be divided into Single-sided lamination and double-sided lamination refer to the technology of laminating the base paper material on a paper bowl machine.

The single-sided coating of the paper bowl machine refers to the base paper that has been coated on one side. It only needs to be coated on one side of the base paper, which is the inner layer of the ordinary paper bowl and has a bright surface.

Moreover, the double-sided coating of the paper bowl machine means that the base paper of the coating technology has a layer of lubricating coating on both sides, which is generally called double-sided coating paper.

At present, the two coating technologies of the paper bowl machine are the most frequently used coating technologies with the best coating effect. Compared with single-sided coating and double-sided coating technology, single-sided coating is more common in my country.

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