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Paper bowl machine should be how to maintain

2022-07-18 14:57:40

Paper bowl machineIt is literally a production Equipment for paper bowls. The paper bowls produced by the paper bowl machine include instant noodle paper bowls, fast food packaging paper bowls, etc., such as milk tea cups and coffee cups. The paper bowl machine has high production power and easy operation. As the demand of paper bowl production equipment, it is necessary to carry out maintenance.

How to maintain the paper bowl machine? Summarized by professionals as follows:

1. Regularly remove the miscellaneous materials in the process of producing paper bowls by the paper bowl machine, and clean them carefully.

2. Pay attention to the correct operation of the paper bowl machine. In order to maintain the good operation of the paper bowl machine, the operating parts need to be well lubricated.

3. When the paper bowl machine is running, the rolling pressure of the knurling mill cannot be suddenly increased, and the heater should be shut down properly when it runs at high temperature for a long time.

4. The production environment of the paper bowl machine should be kept clean, pollution-free, moisture-proof and fireproof.

5. When the paper bowl machine is not in use, use a clean plastic film to cover the equipment to avoid dust falling and affect the maintenance effect.

In a word, the paper bowl machine produces paper products required by the food industry, that is, due to the large demand, the equipment needs to be carefully maintained by the operator, and at the same time, the cleanliness of the paper bowls must be ensured. No pollution. In this way, the service life of the paper bowl machine can be effectively extended, the production quality and power can be improved, and the disposable paper bowl can be used as a centering product.

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