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Paper bowl machine to produce paper bowls, how to choose paper

2022-07-18 15:43:27

Paper Bowl Machine produces paper bowls made of chemical A paper container made of wood pulp base paper (white cardboard) machined and bonded, with a bowl-shaped appearance. Paper cups for frozen food can hold ice cream, jam and butter.

The paper size selection of the paper bowl machine is determined according to the size of the paper bowl. Generally speaking, the paper bowl machine chooses 150g-200g paper, but some places also use 135g paper, and different areas also have a certain influence on the choice of paper.

Therefore, the selection of paper for the paper bowl machine is still based on the detailed requirements of the size of the paper bowl and the load-bearing capacity of the paper bowl.

For example, common breakfast bowls, dining paper bowls and other lightweight paper bowl container products, the paper bowl machine can choose between 200 grams and 250 grams of paper, and of course there are breakfast bowls with 170 grams of paper.

Another example: our now-common barreled instant noodle paper bowl consists of an inner layer and an outer layer, the inner layer is a paper bowl, and the outer layer is a paper bowl jacket. The inner paper bowl is made of 280g-350 disposable paper, and the paper bowl jacket is also made on the paper bowl machine, which is made of white cardboard paper with a gray background.

The ones mentioned above are typical. For example, the selection of paper produced by the paper bowl machine still needs to select the appropriate paper according to the type of paper bowl set by the customer.

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